讲好巨野故事 推进国际传播 | 巨野对外视听展播--非凡十年:巨野食品厂的“洋老板”

近年来,越来越多的外国人来到巨野学习、工作和生活,他们见证了崭新的发展和变化,巨野和菏泽也成为他们实现梦想的地方。The grape leaves in the outer layer come from Xinjiang and the rice products come from Jining Yutai.  安东尼:中国人不吃葡萄叶,都是喂羊。

讲好巨野故事 推进国际传播 | 巨野对外视听展播--非凡十年:巨野食品厂的“洋老板”

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In recent years,More and more foreigners come to Juye to study, work and live,They witnessed the new development and changes, Juye and HeZe has also become a place for them to realize their dreams. In Heze BoShi Food Co. Ltd, Taiping Town, Juye County, the person in charge is Antonios from Greece.


Antonios: Do you like it? Do you want to try it?


Reporter: Can I eat this directly?


Antonios: You might think it tastes good. What do you think of this taste?


Reporter: Like salty zongzi in the south, and a little sour.


Antonios: This is different. Many Chinese people are not used to this taste.


This kind of food similar to zongzi is called "Dorma" and is a kind of rice product wrapped in pickled grape leaves. It is a pre-meal snack for residents of Middle Eastern countries, and some countries regard it as a staple food. That's what Anthony's food factory produces. There are a variety of signs in Chinese and English, full of English packaging, all of which are showing the difference of the processing plant.


Antonios: This is equivalent to Chinese zongzi, but it is not wrapped in bamboo leaves outside. Chinese zongzi is made of glutinous rice, but this is salty rice. When the rice is cooked, we can wrap it up, wrap it up and put it in a jar, add some hot soup, add the lid and sterilize it for about two hours, and we can eat it directly after it is ready.


"Dorma" may not suit the tastes of most people in China, but all the raw materials come from China. The grape leaves in the outer layer come from Xinjiang and the rice products come from Jining Yutai.


Antonios: Chinese people do not eat grape leaves, all feed sheep. We have been eating grape leaves for hundreds of years. Xinjiang is rich in grape leaf resources, and does not contain agricultural residues, is very good for people. The rice used in our company is non-genetically modified, we all have our own professional cooperatives, have our own planting base.


Paliria, Antonios's head office, has been engaged in grape leaf production since 1957. More than a decade ago, the person in charge of the company found rich grape leaf resources in Xinjiang, and the idea of building a factory in China to make "Dorma" came into being.In February 2011, commissioned by the group company, Antonios came to China to locate and build a factory. In the Taiping Town of Juye County, he founded BoShi Food Co. Ltd.


Antonios: To develop industry, the south is very suitable; To develop agriculture, Shandong is very suitable. This, of course, depends on the properties of the product. My raw materials, including excipients, will be much different from those in Europe.


At that time, there were few foreigners in Juye, and many people felt curious to see the foreign boss.


Erping Zhang,Head of the operation group: Big eyes, high nose, completely different from us Chinese, contact time for a long time, feel that he is quite gentle.


Antonios: A lot of people are curious about me. People often take pictures of me, ask for my phone number, add my Wechat, if I go to the factory, I can't work, because people come to see me. Now everyone is used to me.


Erping Zhang,head of the operation group , a villager from nearby Li Ji Village, entered the food factory nine years ago and engaged in spices and flavoring. In her view, working in a foreign-funded enterprise is very stable.


Erping Zhang,Head of the operation group: Because of my good salary, I don't like to change jobs either. My friends have changed places to work for half a year, and there is really no such long-term and stable one as mine.


The food factory not only attracted nearby villagers to work, but also some highly educated people to come here. Eight years ago, Tingyao Yuan resigned from a local state-owned enterprise and came to the factory as a food inspector. From the beginning, he felt the collision between eastern and western cultures.

产品质量经理袁廷耀:你比如说他们见面有一个很有意思的现象, 就是见了面会经常的拥抱以及亲吻这样一个情况。第一次被相关的领导和同事拥抱的时候、亲吻的时候,我还觉得很不好意思。

Tingyao Yuan, Product quality Manager: There is a very interesting phenomenon in their meeting, they often hug and kiss when they meet. The first time I was hugged and kissed by the relevant leaders and colleagues, I was embarrassed.


Antonios 's work concept, but also imperceptibly affect the employees of the enterprise.


Tingyao Yuan, Product quality Manager: For example, our pallets are sometimes not so neat, but they do not affect the delivery of goods or our loading of cabinets. However, these foreign colleagues and relevant leaders will ask us to pretend to be square.


Export food needs to meet the requirements of importing countries, in 2012, in the process of opening up the EU market, enterprises encountered a higher threshold.


Tingyao Yuan, Product quality Manager: One of the biggest difficulties at that time was that the EU's overall agricultural disability requirements were relatively high, with about 300 to 400 items, each of which would cause an inestimable loss to our products if it exceeded the standard.


Restricted by the new EU inspection rules, products can not be exported, the development of enterprises has been greatly affected. In order to get rid of the predicament, we must find a suitable rice planting base, and improve the safety protection ability of rice planting, harvesting, transportation and other production links. Finally, through the joint efforts of enterprises and customs, in March 2020, their products smoothly cleared the customs in Bulgaria, which is also eight years later, Shandong rice once again returned to the EU market.


Tingyao Yuan, Product quality Manager: Our Heze Customs and Qingdao Customs, have given a lot of help, including the interpretation of some provisions, including some research on restrictions, including the simplification of some customs declaration procedures. Even the timely disclosure of relevant information to us has greatly reduced some of our workload.


Subsequently, the company successfully won more than 900 tons of orders from Britain, Sweden, Greece and other European countries. At present, the output value of the food factory has reached more than 70 million yuan, and the annual export volume is about 11.87 million US dollars,the number of employees has also grown from more than 100 at the beginning to more than 400 today. Antonios, who has lived in Heze for 10 years, has also experienced a process from strangers to adaptation.


Antonios: At the earliest in Heze can not find too many imported products, these things can only be from some big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, through express delivery. The most impressive should be spaghetti, some imported soft drinks, including coffee, used to be difficult to find. It's easy to find in the supermarket now.


Antonios believes that the changes in Juye and HeZe in the past ten years are not only rich in supermarket goods, but also the qualitative improvement of food, clothing, housing and transportation.


Antonios: Ten years ago I went to Ginza. I didn't even have a concrete floor on the road. Now this road condition has improved very much, now there is an airport. I can go to other cities on weekends to find friends, and my friends can come to me by plane on weekends. In the past, it took a long vacation, but now it only takes a weekend. Heze's economic growth is very fast.


Antonios has fully adapted to the life in Heze, but also made a lot of local friends, he hopes his factory can be better developed in Juye.After watching the opening ceremony of the 20th CPC National Congress, he became more confident.


Antonios: Although Heze is not a particularly big city, but the people here are very friendly, I know a lot of friends here, I am also very happy to integrate into the society and environment here.

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